It is a company  that  has the objective to show the world the Amazon region ,the Amazonia with 6 million square kilometers hides amazing wild life and different  ecosystem that occupies 70% of the Brazilian territory , thousands of people visit the Amazon every year to see the rainforest with their  own eyes many of these visitors have an interest to see wild life  and medicinal plants the total number of species in the Amazon is difficult to estimate because new species are still being   discovered .
Oropendola tours has come to satisfy all these request with Herman Birley a very experience jungle guide exercising the profession during 15 years Herman had the opportunity to make documentaries about  the Amazon with the TV program Discovery Channel .The name Oropendola is dedicated to one exotic bird typical from the Amazon region very color full that build hanging nets on the tree tops .
After long time experience guiding people  from many countries  decided to offer different trips to the Amazon region respecting the mother nature the flora and fauna I chose the best places to make ecotourism the Rio Negro region and the Amazon region from 1 day up to 8 or more days.
Oropendola tours provides everything  you need  since the transfer from the Airport to your Hotel ,accommodations, private yacht, Amazonian boat with hammocks, jungle lodge, excursion ,meals, mineral water ,English, Spanish or Portuguese speaking guide depending to the request of the clients. 

How to Pack

Bring comfortable clothes ,tennis shoes or boots ,socks ,sandals ,mosquito repellent ,sun cream, raincoats ,sunglasses binoculars, flashlight, camera ,caps or hats ,a pocket dictionary ,fanny books or magazines toys ,etc. Avoid give money to the community or children we prefer you give them toys, pens, English or Spanish book, etc.

• We recommend to take to the jungle a backpack only the rest of your staff can stay in the Hotel in Manaus or the office that you can get it in the way back

What is included

• Transfer,accommodations, cabins, all activities mentioned in the itinerary ,bilingual guide, local guide ,all meals ,mineral water jungle equipment (hammocks ,mosquito nets ,ropes etc)

What is not included

• Travel insurance of any kind, (remember in case of emergency Manaus has good Hospitals being one of them specialized in Tropical Diseases like: malaria ,yellow fever, hepatitis, snake bites, etc. The treatment for this kind of disease  is free .
About malaria :I recommend not to have malaria pills during your trip in Brazil because can cause problems with the stomach,the doctors recommend to have the malaria pills only when a person has the disease, the risks to get malaria is very low porcent and in case of emergency the visitor will be evacuated immediately.
• Alcoholic drinks (beer, rum or wine)

General Conditions

• No leaving without total payment, we do not assume responsibility for personal material you may lose during your trip ,unless it happens by negligence from our part.


• All tour prices by consult. Contact us to realize your dreams with security and responsibility.